Andover Trailers - History

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Andover Trailers started production in 1985 from the old Tasker Trailer factory in Anna Valley. The company received its first trailer order from Barlow Handling for a tandem axle forklift trailer with an aluminium body and full width ramp. At the same time Andover started carrying out a lot of truck conversions by fitting extra axles to rigid vehicles and tractor units. Extra axles were fitted for two reasons, to correct weight distribution problems or for extra payload. At this time most of the truck manufacturers were saying there was no requirement for lifting axles on trucks and they would never catch on. Granning Suspensions from the USA started to bring this equipment into the UK and looked after the method of fitting and later the change of type approval on the trucks. Truck conversions and trailer modifications were the main source of work at this time, but at the same time Cadzow Heavy Haulage was telling us what type of trailer was needed to move pavers and rollers. This was at a time when tubeless tyres and air suspension were being introduced. This trailer, although we did not know it, would change the way plant would be moved in the UK . This was the SFCL 36, 850mm deck height, chamfer up onto the neck to fit the underside of a 3 point roller, three axles with air suspension and a raise / lower valve and spring assisted ramps with clip on toe extensions to give a 9 degree angle. The first trailer was taken to ARC at Abingdon for testing and was quickly followed by a 6 month order book. Raymond Brown at Ringwood ordered our first 46t drop well low loader which was followed by larger trailers up to the 120t gross trailer for Walters Plant. In 1994 Andover made its first plant body for Falcon Low Loaders in South Wales - a move which was going to be very important to Andover , and again the movement of plant in the UK . In 1993 the link with Goldhofer started which would increase the range of equipment the company could offer from a 6t drawbar up to modular equipment to carry 10,000 tonnes.

Without wishing to be the largest manufacturer in the UK , Andover has worked to get a reputation of being fair, honest and manufacturing a quality product with strong residuals. Over the last few years there has been a lot of pressure from products being made where the cost of labour is cheaper, but at Andover we have tried to increase the quality of our equipment like the 50t and 56t gross step frames which are the strongest trailers in the market where customers know they have purchased a quality product., which truly is ‘Better by Design’.

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